Student Organizations



Get Involved at USF!

There are over 600 registered student organizations at the University of South Florida! From academic and professional organizations and special interest groups to fraternities and sororities and multicultural student organizations, there are so many ways to get involved!

For more information about student organizations, you can search the student organization listing or contact the Center for Student Involvement by emailing, calling 813-974-7912 or visiting the office in the Marshall Student Center Room 3302.



Get Ready for a New Experience: BullSync!

This year, student organization and involvement information can be found in our new system called “BullSync.” Here, you can browse, join, or create a student organization as well as find other amazing involvement opportunities across the Tampa campus. For more information, visit our new site at



Student Organizations FAQ:

  1. Who can use the new BullSync?
  2. Everyone with a USF NetID who is a currently enrolled student or USF faculty/staff can use BullSync.


  3. Will the new BullSync replace the organization communication in Canvas and the CSI website or will we use both Canvas and BullSync?
  4. Yes; student organizations will no longer be viewed or managed through Canvas or the CSI website. All student organization functions related to browsing, joining, or creating an organization will be in BullSync.


  5. How do I search or join a student organization?
  6. Go to to log in and complete your profile.

    Click “Browse Organizations” and request to  join those of your choosing.


  7. How do I start a new student organization?

Go to to log in and complete your profile.

Click “Browse Organizations” to ensure the organization you wish to start doesn’t already exist.

Click “Register New Organization” and complete the form

       (a)You will need an advisor, ten members, an approved constitution to complete the form. You will also need to attend an organization meeting with the Center for Student Involvement.


The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official document that records verifiable student involvement that occurs outside of the classroom. Choose from activities, awards, and programs in a variety of categories to be included on your transcript. If you are involved in a student organization, your involvement will automatically be recorded on your co-curricular transcript if you choose.


The CCT provides you with official documentation of your involvement with co-curricular activities and service during your college career.


Requesting a CCT or CCT Activity Request

Students who are interested in requesting a co-curricular transcript and faculty/staff who are interested in submitting a co-curricular transcript activity request should do so through BullSync, the new online management system for student organizations.